Precision Nutrition Qualified!

After finishing the textbook yesterday and reviewing the Unit 1 video lectures (all the science ones), I bit the bullet last night and had a crack at the Precision Nutrition Exam. It took me a little longer than I had thought, about an hour and a half, but I came through with flying colours and I’m now a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach! Woo hoo!

I’m pretty excited, and I haven’t been this motivated or felt this passionate about my job in a long time. Even better, I think I’m less likely to lose my drive for it again anytime soon, thanks to the enthusiastic online PN community. Not only has this helped me tons with my ability to plan and coach the nutrition side of health, performance, and body composition (the Precision Nutrition lingo), but the whole course has really inspired me to continue to grow and refine myself as a coach.

If you are interested to learn more about the Precision Nutrition system, you can check them out at I’m also going to be looking for a few people on whom to trial my new skills, so if you are interested in making in a change to your health, performance, and body composition – please get in touch (I’m only going to do a few freebies and some of the spots are already taken, so be quick).

4 responses to “Precision Nutrition Qualified!

  1. I love reading Berrardi’s articles. He’s a really inspiring coach and he’s got a great approach to bringing about change. I’ve been looking in to taking the Cert, good to know you had a good experience.

    • Glad my limited perspective could be of some help! Berardi (and Ryan Adams, who is also integral in the PN experience) are both brilliant. If you’re considering the course, I would highly recommend it. The nutrition aspect of it is great, as you would expect, but the coaching approaches they outline were even better.

    • Hi Thomas! The exam and a lot of the course is online, however they will send you an actual textbook as well. You can do it anywhere in the world. If you’re interested, I would check out the Precision Nutrition website. It has all the information you’ll need to get started on the process. Hope that helps!

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