Adam Carolla’s Lifestyle tips

I love Adam Carolla. Smart and funny is always a good combination. He recently had actor Jerry O’Connell on his podcast, and during the show they worked their way around to discussing diet, promting this outburst from Adam…

“Used to be potatoes were good for you, now all that starch is gonna kill you, then it was all protein, now, you have to have a balance… the reality of diet is: Move around a little bit, don’t put so much emphasis on anything. If you have a piece of pie, have a piece of pie. Don’t have eight pieces of pie. Just have one, and move around a little bit. If you have ribs, don’t have nine ribs, just have three or four. Have a little smaller portions, mix it in with a little exericse, and you’re good.”

I told you he was smart. And it gets better- a minute later he went on to say that it’s not going to get you in shape for an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, but if all you want to do is be able to pick your kids up, you’ll be fine.

We’re talking general health here folks, and even if you do want the sidekick role in the Governators next flick, it’s the right first step. Follow the Ace Man’s instructions. Come back here when you’re ready for more.

You can hear Adam’s interview with Jerry O’Connell here, or check out his free podcast on iTunes. It’s awesome and highly recommended 🙂