Your personal trainer is keeping you fat, small, and slow.

Your personal trainer is probably hurting your chance of success.

Surprised to hear this?

Maybe you are, many you aren’t.  It’s not difficult to become a personal trainer these days. You can get a certification in six weeks from places like the Australian Institute of Fitness.  You can’t learn your anatomy in six weeks, let alone all the training principles that go along with specific goals.  And that doesn’t even touch the nutritional aspect of training, or recovery, or the mental game and motivational side of things.

If you have a personal trainer, I would like you to think about why you hired them. Is your goal weight loss? Do you want to increase size and muscle mass? Are you an athlete who wants to improve their sport performance?

While it’s true that there are many roads to Rome, there are some that are slightly better than others. Your personal trainer or fitness coach is supposed your personal guide.  Time and again, I’ve seen trainers doing things with their clients that are completely unrelated to their training needs and goals, and even worse, putting clients through exercises that guarantee long-term damage to knee, backs, hips- you name it.

Think back to your goal again.  Next time you have a session, ask your trainer WHY they have picked your exercises.  Ask about your training volume (i.e. reps, sets, and sessions per week), and your loading and/or intensity (how much weight you’re lifting, or how fast you are going). 

Ask them how your session will help you achieve your goals, and if they have a long term training plan mapping out progress goals and milestones.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. If they can’t give you these answers, you shouldn’t be giving them your money.


What do you have to lose?

What do you have to lose??

That’s a good question, and in a physical sense, probably at least a little bit from the muffin top/man boobs/pot belly that are an increasingly common sight these day.  I’m not calling you fat, but the western lifestyle that we enjoy doesn’t do much for the waistline. From takeaways to three coffees a day and too many hours in front of the TV and computer, it all adds up.

So subtract it.

The good news for all the Brisbane-ites out there: I’m getting ready to launch my new personal training program for fat loss. We all want it, and I’ve figured out how to do it, cheap!

The pros: You lose unwanted fat (and unless you’re Jamie Eason, you probably have some). You get six weeks of fitness coaching, nutritional guidance and support, and fun! 

The cons: None. Your hard work is NOT a con.  It’s an investment in your health, wellbeing, future, and your ability to look great naked 😉 

On top of that, the small group atmosphere means that you get all the benefits of personal training with the fun and motivation of group fitness. There are no fads, no gimmicks, and no circus tricks, just straight-to-the-point training with a highly motivated group and an expert trainer.

The program is being run at First Choice Fitness in Albion, on Brisbane’s northside. Even if you aren’t local, it’s worth the drive! You will never get the same training experience anywhere else.  For more information, shoot me an email or check out and get ready to look great and feel even better!

Technique rules

I had my first my first weightlifting meet on the weekend. I was super nervous- pretty standard for me before a comp. But it all went well, it was fun once I relaxed, and it really brought home how much I love my new sport.

It also brought home how important technique really is to lifting correctly, and maximizing the benefits from it. The O-lifts are super technical. One little mistake and they call it a missed lift, even if you complete it. And even though my lift’s weren’t overly heavy, I had some near misses- my snatch was especially shaky.

You can't tell how shaky my shoulders feel...

It was funny, in eight years of rugby I had never internalized my performance like I did for all of the two total minutes it probably took me to complete my lifts.  Up on the stage, under the lights, in front of the audience, I went into a little bubble. It was just me and the barbell.  With each lift, the barbell felt like it just floated up, and in my head I was going through every little thing I needed to be technically perfect- including all the points where I didn’t quite get it.

All I could think about was a conversation I had with my coach about a week before. I was frustrated about missing lifts I thought I should be getting, that I was strong enough to get.

The reply: You’re always strong enough. It’s the technique that will let you down.

I’ve always been big on getting the lift right, whether you’re working a clean and jerk or a bicep curl. After years in the game, it’s nice to get a reminder about why this is so important, and even more motivation to train hard, get strong, and work right.


No muscle-up here

Be a pack leader

Does this restaurant conversation sound familiar?

“What are you having?”

“I’m going to have the nachos/fish and chips/fettuccine alfredo , it sounds really good.”

“You’re right, it does, I’ll have that too.”

I recently read something about how people are pack animals, and in this context the “follow-the-leader” mentality really jumps out at you. We’ve all seen/heard/done it a million times without even thinking about it.

So what? So this: Do you want to follow the leader, and likely make a poor choice? Or do you want to be a pack leader, make the first choice in the group and watch everyone follow you?

Worst case scenario: Stick to your guns and pick the healthy (or healthiest) option. To continue the analogy, be the lone wolf.